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Can I come visit your home?

Yes, but in a limited capacity. For the safety of our kittens, we limit the visits in our home. This means 1 visit for allergy testing (in depth allergy testing for 1 hour) and then 1 visit for pickups of the kitten. Allergy visits are a $50 charge. This price does not go towards the total price of the kitten unless a deposit is placed at the time of testing. Other home visits can be scheduled after first vaccinations at 8 weeks. Kitten choices are done by pictures, or Skype at about 2 weeks in the order the deposit was received. The kittens will receive their vaccinations at 8 weeks and if needed, an individual allergy test can then be arranged with the kitten. If there is an allergic reaction we will refund your deposit minus the allergy testing fee.

Please note, this is a low allergen breed. When these cats are not fixed, are pregnant, or are nursing they have higher Feld 1 levels. When the cats are spayed/neutered this effects the hormones which then effect the protein levels bringing the allergens down further.

When do kittens go home?

Kittens go home at 12-14 weeks and after they have been spay/neutered and at least 4 lbs. A kitten that is maybe not eating on his own as well as the rest of the litter or isn't weaned completely will stay until I am satisfied that he can go home and eat and drink with no encouragement needed from the mother.

Co-coordinating Pickup Dates

Please let me know beforehand if you are not available to pick up your kitten when it is ready to go home. I completely understand that things such as moving into a new home or going on vacation sometimes falls into the same time frame. BUT please understand that I also try to co-ordinate my vacations and schedule around my kittens going home dates. So if you need me to keep the baby longer that is fine. However, I will have to charge a $25 boarding fee to cover extra food, vaccinations and worming that would be scheduled for after the normal pickup date.

Are kittens shipped?

I do not ship kittens. I will meet you at either the Grand Rapids Michigan or Lansing Michigan airport for a transportation fee of $75. I really prefer to meet with new kitten parents in my home where you are able to see your new baby's parents and environment.

Spaying and Neutering

We do this to preserve our lines and also to keep accidents from happening. Most important is that we want to take the worry out of having this procedure done. Sometimes under anesthesia kittens are lost and we would rather it happen to us instead of you. Also, depending on where you live Vets charge according to the Geographic economy. If you live in an affluent area the Vet is going to charge affluent prices. $55 for your office visit, $25 more for shots then $195 for the actual procedure itself. Please keep this in mind when purchasing your new kitten that we at Tarkkhaven have already eliminated a little worry expense by including this in the price of your Tarkkhaven kitten.

Are the kittens registered?

Yes, through TICA. Pet kitten (Blue) registration paperwork comes with your kitten.

What do you feed?

We feed a raw homemade diet.

What is your Health Guarantee?

You have 72 hours NOT including weekends and Holidays to take the kitten to your Vet to certify its health. We love our cats and kittens and we strive to breed only the best and the healthiest from lines with low Genetic health risks. Kittens are sold with a 1 year Genetic health guarantee. Cats need wet food. Kidney issues can and do occur from only feeding dry food. Remember it is always best to invest in your pet, NOT in your Vet.